About Us

Real Experience = Real Results

Cocktail Ambassadors is owned and operated by Chief Ambassador H. Joseph Ehrmann, a 30+ year veteran of the bar and restaurant industry with an internationally-renowned bar (Elixir), over fifteen years of consulting experience, a Thunderbird MBA and an extensive, worldwide network of the top minds in the industry. Whether working alone or engaging a network of similarly experienced and talented colleagues around the world, H. and his Cocktail Ambassadors can bring your project to just one market or all of them. Timely insight, broad access and valuable output are what drive all of our projects. 

Focused Consultancy

"Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life." said someone, somewhere. H. loves the bar business and the drinks industry.  Consultancy is where he gets to share his passion and knowledge with companies that need real insider perspective, products that need to communicate their stories to those that would sell them, and audiences that will consume, digest and be nurtured by his and his team's perspectives.

Flexible Engagements

From education campaigns and product launches to research projects and media events, Cocktail Ambassadors works how you work, because you're the client. You set the vision, the objectives and budgets and we'll make it happen. Depending on the size of the project, you'll either work individually with Mr. Ehrmann or with one of the teams he builds through his network of respected industry colleagues from around the world.

Founder H. Joseph Ehrmann

Not Your Average Bartender

H. started his restaurant and bar career as a line cook in 1986 and went on to work in 28 different bars and restaurants before opening his own in 2003.  In between, as his generation was prone to do, he did several other things, including a BA at Boston College, an MBA at Thunderbird, a bilingual stint in Madrid running a PR company, a global marketing job in the dot-com software business, and finally, post-dot-com work as a Brand Consultant and Co-Founder of a soup company. While bartending to make rent and MBA payments in 2002 he finally decided that the bar world was where he belonged, and he hasn't looked back since.

From Average to Exceptional

No one strives to be average. When Elixir opened in 2003, Ehrmann had taken a dilapidated dive bar and restored its Victorian bones, setting it up to become one of the "Best Bars in America" within five short years. As a pioneer in the resurrection of cocktail culture in America, he spent years traveling the country teaching early converts how to turn average bars and bartenders in to market leaders. Product companies and entire categories reached out for his advice, making Cocktail Ambassadors a resource for all who would strive to reach the leading influencers that make markets, build brands and create categories.  

Dig Deeper

This site highlights some past and current clients and projects but to experience more of what we do, there are several areas to explore. To see a more detailed version of Mr. Ehrmann's background, please visit his LinkedIn profile, do a web search on him, or feel free to reach out directly with any questions. Additionally you can see our posts and photo albums on Facebook, or check out the Instagram and Twitter feeds for recent travels and projects. We look forward to working with you and hope that afterward you'll feel compelled to request "Another round, please."