Why Cocktail Ambassadors?

History In The Making

A career in hospitality is an adventure in understanding people and what they want. It involves a lot of observing, listening, and processing, all with the goal of providing a great experience. Cocktail Ambassadors is the evolution of taking what has been absorbed during the careers of our consultants  and turning that into actionable advice and meaningful interactions for those who would benefit from that experience: producers and the beverages they produce, hosts and the people they host, bartenders and the bars they tend. We are the Ambassadors of the future of beverage and we are here to serve.   

What's Your Challenge?

We all need challenges, but sometimes we also need help. Challenges make us grow and we love to help people grow in their careers, products grow in their product cycles, and companies grow in their planned trajectories. So how can we help you with your challenges?  

Experience Trumps Enthusiasm

"One thing I've learned in 15 years of owning a successful bar and over 30 years in this business is that hiring the right people for the right job will save you lots of money, even more time, and, most importantly, an incredible amount of pain. If we're not the right partner for you, I'll tell you. But if we are, you'll thank yourself!" - H. Joseph Ehrmann 

Project Samples

Square One Organic Spirits

In the earliest days of the modern "cocktail renaissance", Mr. Ehrmann traveled the country as the Square One Brand Ambassador, teaching legions of bartenders the basics of fresh citrus, house-made syrups, bartending technique,  the use of fresh produce and high quality spirits, and of course, organic vodka and green bar management!   

Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac

Mr. Ehrmann is one of a few dozen BNIC-Certified Cognac Educators in the world. He has represented the Cognac industry in front of various audiences from teaching sommelier and bartender classes to hosting a Cognac dinner for the judges of SF World Spirits Competition.  

Authentic Caribbean Rum

The Authentic Caribbean Rum program has trained thousands of bartenders across Europe and North America as to the realities of rum production and quality. As the first educator contacted to head up the American campaign, Mr. Ehrmann helped build the American Panel and lead numerous 4 hour classes across the West. 

Cherry Heering

Peter Heering CEO Adele Nilsson Robberstad hired Cocktail Ambassadors in 2016 to help create a global education program that could be be executed in the same manner across numerous cultures and in multiple languages while maintaining consistency and quality. The two year campaign helped the brand prepare for its current 200 year anniversary program. 

Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Armagnac

THe BNIA contracted Cocktail Ambassadors to produce the first ever West Coast Armagnac Academy because of our reputation for excellence in professional education events. We managed all event execution, student recruitment and logistical concerns, as well as Mr. Ehrmann assisting in the teaching of material to a sold out audience. 


Remy Cointreau hired Cocktail Ambassadors to represent the Cointreau brand in a broad staff education program across Northern California to re-introduce the brand quality, history and applicability in modern cocktail preparation.