Beverage Trade Education Programs

Bartender Education Programs

Mr. Ehrmann teaching at the Astor Center in New York City

As a veteran of the bar and restaurant industry for over thirty years, with distillery, brewery and winery visits around the world and in-depth studies across numerous categories, Mr. Ehrmann is one of the foremost beverage educators in the United States.

For over a decade he has developed national and international bartender training programs for brands such as the United States Bartenders Guild,  Square One Organic Spirits and Cherry Heering. 

After co-founding San Francisco Cocktail Week in 2007 (and then running it for seven years), he started the non-profit Boothby Center for the Beverage Arts where he taught and coordinated the consumer and trade curriculum.  He and his team are ready to design, build and implement your trade education and awareness programs locally, nationally or internationally.

Category Representation

The Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac is but one category client of Cocktail Ambassadors

We represent entire beverage category clients, including Authentic Caribbean Rum via WIRSPA, Cognac via the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac, and  Sweet Fortified Wines via Vin Doux Naturels of Roussillon. After extensive travel to these regions and their producers, we execute professional beverage trade education programs in classroom environments, including extensive product analysis (comparative tasting).

H. Joseph Ehrmann is one of very few BNIC-certified cognac educators in the world, and one of only four American Panel Members for the Authentic Caribbean Rum program, which is the education program for the West Indies Rum and Spirits Producers Association (representing all of the independent nations of the Caribbean and their rum producers). 

Brand Engagement

H. Joseph Ehrmann judging a Cointreau cocktail competition.

With an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, and a career full of marketing and consultant successes, Mr. Ehrmann understands what beverage trade brands need to penetrate markets and grow.

Some previous brand projects include:

Square One Organic Spirits - consultant role as Global Brand Ambassador (trade educator) since 2006

Cointreau - implementation of a Northern California bartender training program as an education consultant

Don Julio - production of a San Francisco bartender "Luxury Drop" cocktail competition and recipe book 

Cherry Heering - original design of a global bartender education program implemented in 79 countries over two years

Patron - Consultant member of "60 Hands Alliance" for the launch of the Roca Patron brand and product line